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Lesvoscars.com has a large fleet of rental cars is flexible with rental cars having economy cars, off roaders, jeeps, luxury cars, mini vans, and SUVs that will satisfy everyone’s needs and preferences. Lesvoscars.com can also deliver rental cars over then 5 locations at the island.


The car shown and content models are the most popular car used by partner hire companies. We cannot guarantee that the year of manufacture or the Construction Company or model of car rental is the same as the vehicle appears on our website. The sole purpose of the image and the list is to provide a sample. Please be aware that the luggage capacity varies depending on the year of manufacture and the model can be reduced when the vehicle travel on the maximum number of passengers.


Check out the rent a car fleet and the location guide to find the perfect rental car for your next trip at Lesvos (Lesbos).

lesvoscars - 18/04/2021