Lesvoscars Car Rental Deals

Lesvoscars.com has a large fleet of rental cars is flexible with rental cars having economy cars, off roaders, jeeps, luxury cars, mini vans, and SUVs that will satisfy everyone’s needs and preferences. Lesvoscars.com can also deliver rental cars over then 5 locations at the island.

Check out the rent a car deals and find the perfect rental car for your next trip at Lesvos (Lesbos)!




If you are looking for long term car hire, lesvoscars.com gives you the best offer. You can choose from our full range of cars and you pick up your car from your wishing point.
The minimum period is just 28 days, which gives you the flexibility to just relax and enjoy driving the vehicle.


You have a -20% offer long term rental.

Lesvoscars.com gives you a comprehensive service package that includes all the following features:

You have a -20% offer for long term rental!!!

Don’t miss it … book now and take your long term rental offer!




Are you a group, wanting more than 5 cars?
Lesvoscars.com gives you the best offer…


In every car more than 5 cars you take a discount of 10%!!!

If the renting period is more than 6 days then all cars have 1 day free!!!


Don’t miss it … book now and take your group offer!






If you're looking for a week car hire then look no further, with prices as ours, week car hire is now more affordable.



Book your car for a week and we give you 1 day free!!


You pay for 6 days instead of 7!!!


Don’t miss it … book now and take your week offer!

lesvoscars - 18/04/2021